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Where is Cannabis Legal in Europe?

Here's a quick overview:

✅ Legalised:

  • Malta: First EU country to fully legalise adult-use, with non-profit cannabis clubs leading the way.
  • Luxembourg: Home cultivation of up to 4 plants now legal, with regulated dispensaries planned for the future.
  • Germany: Possession by adults of up to 25 grams (nearly 1 ounce) of marijuana for recreational purposes and allows individuals to grow up to three plants on their own.

🧪 Pilot Programs:

  • Switzerland: Six ongoing trials allow legal cannabis access at select points of sale.
  • Netherlands: "Weed Experiment" launched in 10 cities, allowing regulated supply to coffee shops.

📜 Decriminalised:

  • Spain: Personal possession and cultivation largely decriminalised, with thriving cannabis social clubs.
  • Portugal: Decriminalized all drugs for personal use in 2001.
  • Italy, Belgium, Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia: Varying degrees of decriminalisation with fines or alternative punishments.

👀 Proposed Legalisation:

  • Czech Republic: Legalisation proposed, but details still under debate.

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