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Party executes three-state legislative assault

In an unprecedented political move, Legalise Cannabis MPs have set the tone for their legislative agenda, simultaneously introducing the Regulation of Personal Adult Use of Cannabis Bill in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia..

The bill is the first of three tiered stages in an ambitious legislative plan for the Party and will allow adults to responsibly possess and grow cannabis at home in small quantities.

  • Progressive and meaningful reform
  • Maintains protections, focuses on positive public health outcomes
  • Addresses growing community expectations around access to cannabis

The proposed legislation also covers sharing between adults, as well as allowing carers to grow on behalf of others.

Importantly, the bill will not allow for people under 18 to access cannabis, nor allow people to drive who are cannabis-impaired.

National Secretary of Legalise Cannabis Australia, Craig Ellis said: “An arrest for cannabis can have a massive impact on a young person’s life.”

“This bill is the first step towards ending the unfair and damaging criminalisation of otherwise law-abiding people.”

The proposed legislation, while significant in its own right addressing the issue of possession and growth in small quantities, also provides a sturdy framework for the future legislative ambitions of the Party.

Victorian Legalise Cannabis MP Rachel Payne perhaps best summarised the sentiment behind the coordinated move this week, saying: “It’s time our Government got on the right side of reforming outdated laws in line with community expectations”.

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