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  • Encourage farmers to cultivate hemp as a major renewable, sustainable agricultural resource that can feed people and value added industries will create jobs. Hemp will both complement and reduce the need for the more unsustainable and inefficient crops.
  • Growing hemp for seed can double the income at the farm gate as a primary food crop and the refuse left behind after harvest (average 8 tons per acre) can be used as second-generation feedstock for making methanol.
  • Existing infrastructure can be easily and cheaply converted to produce clean power without interruption to production, guaranteeing local jobs for those already in the industry with minimal re-skilling needed. The power produced will help Australia become energy secure.
  • The Federal government has an Emission Reduction Fund of around $200 billion available to all states for projects to produce low emission electricity. Major political parties are already onside with biofuel production.
  • Hemp farming and associated bio manufacturing industries such as plastic and building materials would create jobs and economic growth in all sectors.
  • Introduce start up assistance packages for the production and manufacture of hemp-based products and encourage new and innovative industries
  • Legalising cannabis will allow boutique cannabis growers to produce ‘strain’ specific varieties for dispensary sales for medical and social use. Manufacturing of balms, edibles, vaporising products and fresh food would allow ‘smaller players’ to enter that marketplace and create jobs.

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