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Drug-driving reform in NSW – the Government’s majority could depend on it

After 11,000 people signed a recent petition demanding reform to the state’s drug-driving laws, Legalise Cannabis NSW MP Jeremy Buckingham says the Government can’t ignore the clamour for change forever.

Picture this: you’re a single mother with two young children who attend the local primary school. Three years ago, you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. You have good days, you have bad days. On the bad days, you can barely move from the pain and sleep is a nightmare of pain and bad dreams.Your doctor tells you that opiates could ease the pain, but you’ve seen the videos of zombie addicts in the US, and this scares you.

Then a friend suggests two types of medicinal cannabis – CBD oil for the aches and anxiety and THC before bedtime for a good night’s rest. The treatment works for you. For many people, this is a wonder drug. It’s non addictive, side-effect free and best of all, it’s highly effective.

There’s only one catch – you live in a regional area where your children’s school and shops are a 15-minute drive. Without a car, you’re trapped.

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