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Could medicinal cannabis be the answer to the pain of endometriosis?

Deakin researchers are exploring the potential use of medicinal cannabis for pain management in people with endometriosis.

The 'EndoCannED' trial will look at whether prescribing medicinal cannabis instead of opioids can reduce emergency department presentations among people living with the condition.

Professor Antonina Mikocka-Walus from Deakin's Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED) said insufficient pain control can lead to people presenting to emergency departments with breakthrough pain, putting pressure on an already busy health system.

"Opioids are often ineffective in managing pain from endometriosis and are not suitable for the long-term treatment required by those with the condition," Professor Mikocka-Walus.

"Women with endometriosis have a four times greater risk of chronic opioid use compared to women without.

"Despite substantial use of these medications most people with endometriosis in Australia report poor pain and symptom control."

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory condition which affects one in nine women and those assigned female at birth and currently has no cure.

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