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Legalisation and Regulation of Cannabis.

Cannabis must be treated in the same way as alcohol and tobacco. A legal and regulated cannabis market requires:

  • An immediate moratorium on all arrests of cannabis consumers.
  • Reforms allowing consumers and/or carers to grow cannabis in their gardens or indoors.
  • All historical personal-use cannabis criminal records to be expunged.
  • Reform of drug driving laws where impairment, not presence, is tested.
  • Road safety laws to be amended to allow for a defence for medicinal users.
  • A state-based licensing system covering all commercial operations including production, manufacturing, and retail / dispensing.
  • An amnesty period for current grey-market growers to transition to become licensed producers with ongoing support provided to boutique growers, small producers, and compassion clubs. Subsidies to incentivise start-ups and not-for-profits.
  • State-regulated affordable testing facilities available for producers, growers, and consumers. Such services to be reasonably priced, easy to access with all restrictions currently hampering testing to be lifted.
  • A unified independent cannabis authority overseeing personal-use cannabis and hemp production to include end-users and those experienced in cultivation and production in decision-making processes.

Learn about our three-stage plan for the legalisation of Cannabis in Australia

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