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Adelaide driver disputes loss of licence following official drug test proving he was not under the influence

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An Adelaide man who falsely tested positive on a roadside drug screening has been issued a three-month loss of licence, despite official follow-up laboratory results revealing he was not driving under the influence of drugs. 

Margaret Kohlhagen told ABC Radio Adelaide that her son Kevin tested positive to methamphetamine on the initial swab collected during a roadside drug test two weeks ago, despite having no drugs in his system. 

Police then collected a second saliva test to be analysed in a lab.

Kevin and his mother wanted to do an independent test to clear his name. 

"I picked him up, he was quite distressed and we tried to get blood tests done that day," she said. 

"A doctor couldn't get it done, I took him to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital they wouldn't do one, we went back to the police station and they wouldn't do one. 

"We finally went to the chemist and got a drug test and the drug test came back negative." 

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